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Upcoming VeJEWtarian Events

  • Sunday, December 17
    Chanukah Party
  • Monday, December 25
    Ethiopian Lunch with Santa
  • Friday, January 26
    Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Sunday, January 28
    Tree Celebration
  • Friday, February 9
    Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Friday, March 2
    Seuss Shabbat
  • Saturday, March 24
    Chocolate Seder
  • Friday, March 30
    Passover Seder
  • Friday, March 30
    Passover Seder
  • Saturday, March 31
    Passover Seder
  • Saturday, March 31
    Passover Seder
  • Thursday, April 12
    Yom HaShoa
  • Thursday, April 12
    Yom HaShoa
  • Friday, April 13
    Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Wednesday, April 18
    Yom HaZikaron
  • Thursday, April 19
    Yom HaAtzmaut
  • Thursday, May 3
    Lag b'Omer Seder
  • Friday, May 18
    Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Friday, June 8
    Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Wednesday, June 13
    Mitzvah Day

Is JUDAISM of true importance to you?
Is VEGETARIANISM of true importance to you?

If you answer yes, yes, yes, then
yes, yes, yes, you are in the right place : )

Being JEWISH is at the heart of who we are,
and being VEGETARIAN is outward manifestation
of our deeply held Jewish values!

If you agree, then you are a VeJEWtarian.

To come together to celebrate Jewish holidays and holy days with totally vegetarian food, then please join
the VeJEWtarian Meetup Meetup or Facebook Facebook Group
and like our Facebook Facebook Page

Being Jewish is a matter of our heritage and that is important to us.
Our ancestors did not struggle, suffer, & die to remain JEWISH for us to throw that away.
Others have tried to destroy our people throughout the ages,
but let us not help them.

Neither, in good conscience, can we allow other animals to suffer and die for us.
Thus, being VEGETARIAN is important to us as well.
Others are destroying the lives of other animals, the planet, and their own health,
but let us not help them either.

Let us live actively as JEWS and as VEGETARIANS - as VeJEWtarians !

Also, for great programs for great kids, please check out KidsLA.

Hands holding up blue Earth   Jewish veggies